Comfort In Knowing Your Wishes Will Be Handled With Care

Travel has become a way of life for many Americans whether its for business, family, a cruise or get-away vacation. When death occurs away from home, the family must deal with additional unexpected decisions and expenses.

Northridge Woodhaven Funeral Home offers a prepaid travel plan to provide a caring and efficient way to return the policy holder home should death occur 100 miles or more from their legal residence.

A simple, one-time purchase provides a lifetime of coverage and spares the family additional emotional and financial stress of bringing their loved one home.

With our travel plan, one phone call will take care of...

Costs Covered

The plan covers the complete cost of transportation services from anywhere in the world (saving you costs that may range from $1,500 - $15,000).

By setting one resource to manage all repatriation details, your family is relieved of unnecessary financial and emotional stress.

One time fee for a lifetime of protection and peace of mind!

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