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I wanted to take a moment to thank Ms. Dee for always being so pleasant and just an absolute pleasure to work with. During such a difficult time in our lives, Ms Dee treated my family like her own . She is very polite and empathetic and made us feel like we mattered. With all the craziness that has come in 2020 amidst COVID, it's reassuring to know that there are still good caring people in this world. I wanted to make sure Ms. Dee knew how much her kindness contributed to the healing for our family. Thank you for being you!

Susan Payne

Thank you Northridge Woodhaven for taking such great care of our family at a time we needed extra. The loss of a child is never easy, yet alone the loss of an infant is even more devastating. Mrs. Dee was so compassionate and gentle with all the intricate details down to assisting with the design of the memorial to celebrate our dear Bailey. Thank you again Northridge staff for your care and compassion and thank you Mrs. Dee for being where God must have had a hand at placing you to love on His people at their time of need.

Deneen Burroughs

Mrs. Dee thank you for making the hardest time of my life a little easier and for providing my family with such a warm caring atmosphere. This difficult time will always be remembered, however your compassion during this time will also be remembered.

Janee Lewis

Good people work there. Mrs. Dee is "the best!" Her love and compassion for what she does is felt by all that come in contact with her.

Nathan Boyd

Mrs. Dee is a jewel! She offers professional services to the families of millington and the surrounding areas.The level of concern,and attention to my family during our time of bereavement she gave to us was just heart touching . She has even contacted my family since to check on let us know we were on her heart! Now, that's someone special! Thanks Mrs.Dee for all you do.

Antoinette Daniel